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Does your project in Albert Park require working at heights? Ezyuphire provides secure and efficient access equipment that guarantee the safety and successful completion of projects throughout the Adelaide area.

Contact us today for aerial work platforms and other types of access equipment. We deliver on time, according to your specifications, and at competitive prices. Book now on 1300 565 316!

Aerial Work Platforms for Your Project in Albert Park

Aerial work platforms, also called elevating work platforms, are devices that help contractors work safely and conveniently at heights.

Such a platform is especially useful if your work at height requires having tools or additional materials with you. In addition to aerial work platforms, we stock and deliver a variety of other access equipment to project sites throughout Albert Park.

Based on your needs, we can deliver telehandlers, forklifts, electric and diesel all-terrain work platforms, lighting towers, material lifts, reach stackers, generators, man lifts, and many other items.

Whether your project is on Richardson Street, Victoria Avenue, or any other part of Albert Park, Ezuphire delivers fast.

What’s the Best Access Equipment for Your Albert Park Project?

The best access equipment for your project will depend on the unique needs and circumstances of that job. We can provide you with any of the following:

  • Knuckle Booms: This type of access equipment can be folded to fit through compact spaces. It is also ideal for jobs where workers need a wide range of motion.
  • Aerial Work Platforms: This is a vehicle-mounted work platform with an aerial lift that can move not only vertically but also horizontally.
  • Telehandlers: This is easy-to-manoeuvre aerial platform can lift 4 tonnes up to 17.5m.
  • Electric Scissor Lifts: This is an electric-powered lift that can be folded to fit into tight spaces and extended to reach impressive heights. It’s ideal for jobs at height in areas where low noise and emission levels are essential, such as indoors.
  • Diesel Scissor Lifts: This type of aerial work platform is ideal for outdoor jobs. It has a 4-wheel drive feature for tackling rough terrain and can lift 680kg as high as 16m.
  • Lighting Towers: These are essential for security and safety, especially if your project in Albert Park is at night or in unlit quarters.

Other equipment we carry includes vertical mast lifts, material hoists, loaders, and more.

Book Your Access Equipment & Aerial Work Platforms Today

Browse our fleet of equipment. Our experts are more than happy to provide all the professional guidance you need. Our rates are affordable, and we deliver at your convenience. If your project is on Albert Road, St Vincent Street, or any other part of Albert Park, call us now on 1300 565 316 for a free quote.

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