Access Equipment Hire Glenelg

If you run a construction site, saving time and money is your highest priority. You need reliable, high-performing access equipment from a leading rental equipment company in Glenelg. Look no further than EzyupHire.

We have an extensive range of EWP and other equipment for hire at competitive rates to ensure optimal worksite productivity. Our access machinery is suitable for a wide variety of terrains and settings, and includes lifts for workers and materials, work platforms, reach stackers, and forklifts.

To book our machinery, please visit our equipment pages or give a call at 1300 565 316. If you would like to learn more about our equipment types and services, please keep reading. 

Access Equipment Rental Categories

Our access equipment is available in the following categories:

Knuckle Booms

Knuckle booms are versatile, offering a crane, working platform, and wide range of motion. We have electric- and diesel-powered knuckle booms available that provide platform height ranges of up to 38.30m. We can also provide you with a knuckle boom that is suitable for indoor applications. 

Diesel Scissor Lifts

A prominent benefit of diesel-powered scissor lifts is that they provide workers with a stable working platform, even on rugged terrain. We have Genie and Snorkel scissor lifts available with maximum heights that range from 8m to 16m. The maximum weight capacity of the diesel scissor lifts ranges between 636kg and 680kg.

Electric Scissor Lifts

While electric scissor lifts have outdoor functionality, they are suited to indoor use as well. They don’t produce carbon emissions, and they operate at low noise levels. These lifts also leave no tyre marks on floors, rendering them suitable for retail applications as well.


Forklifts make loading and unloading materials quick and easy. In addition to lightweight forklifts for indoor use, we also have four-wheel drive forklifts available for transporting heavy loads over rugged and uneven terrains. Our forklifts are easy to operate, and they can withstand heavy loads of up to 3.5 tons.

Material Lifts

We have a wide range of material lifts available, each with their own height range and weight capacity. Material lifts are ideal for lifting goods and storing them on high shelves. The material lifts we have for hire have maximum heights that range between 3m and 7.2m.

Vertical Mast Lifts

A vertical mast lift consists of a standard work platform and a rigid mast system that allows for a maximum weight capacity of 159kg. This type of lift is ideal if you have restricted ground space or require control from the working platform.


A telescopic handler works well for lifting and moving heavy materials around your construction site. Our telehandlers have maximum lifting capacities of up to 4 tons and features 1200mm standard fork tines and stabilizer feet for added support on uneven terrain.

Lighting Towers

Our hydraulic lighting towers are made in Australia, and they’re lightweight and operate at low noise levels. The metal halide lamps offer a power rating of up to 6,000 watts to ensure that you have sufficient lighting for security, safety, and around-the-clock productivity. Our lighting towers are also fuel-efficient and require only 2.6 litres of fuel per hour.

Access Equipment Hire Glenelg

We provide a professional equipment rental and platform hire service to clients in Glenelg. We test and inspect our equipment regularly and replace wearable components before they result in a breakdown. Leading and reputable manufacturers supply all of our rental machinery. If you want to rent equipment from EzyupHire, please visit our equipment page, select the model you would like to hire and complete the contact form. You can also call us directly to learn more about our rental services and to discuss your needs at 1300 565 316.

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