Scissor Lifts & Access Equipment Hire in Cavan

Do you need to perform an installation, repair, or modification project at height in Cavan? Ezyuphire provides scissor lifts and access equipment to Adelaide, Cavan, and surrounding areas.

If you need access equipment for your construction, industrial or other projects along Montague Road, Port Wakefield Road, or any other parts of Cavan, give us a call now on 1300 565 316 to discuss your equipment hire needs.

What Types of Access Equipment Can We Deliver to Cavan?

Regardless of the sort of project you are working on in Cavan and no matter the height you need to work at, we’ve got the perfect access equipment for your needs.

Our scissor lifts and other equipment are top-of-the-line and verified for their safety and reliable performance.

The best-suited access equipment for your project will depend on the scale and unique needs of your project. Based on your equipment requirements, we can provide you with any of the following types of access equipment in Cavan:

  • Knuckle boom: This is the ideal piece of access equipment for projects that require a wide range of motion or the need to fit into tight spaces.
  • Telehandler: Also known as a telescopic handler, this essential machine is for when your project requires working at up to a height of 17.5m or requires a lifting capacity of 4 tonnes.
  • Electric scissor lift: This is an electric-powered lift that rises only vertically. They are ideal for jobs that require more than one person at height, or if working in an area where zero emissions and low noise is required.
  • Diesel scissor lift: Unlike the electric scissor lift, this lift is powered by diesel and is ideal for working in areas where using electric-powered machinery isn’t feasible. It’s also perfect for projects where mobility is crucial, thanks to its 4-wheel-drive outdoor functionality. This scissor platform can reach up to 16m and support up to 680kg.
  • Lighting tower: Ideal for security and safety purposes, especially if your project in Cavan requires night work.

For your big or small project on Stock Road, Goldsborough Road, or any other area in Cavan, you can also contact us for all-terrain platforms, material lifts, man lifts, reach stackers, generators, forklifts, material hoists, material lifters, or other equipment types.

Hire Access Equipment in Cavan from Ezyuphire Today!

At Ezyuphire, our priority is ensuring the safety and optimal performance of you and your team when working at height. This is why we recommend and deliver only high-quality access equipment that’s best suited to your unique project.

Whether your project is located near Gourmet Poultry Service, Obela, Hitachi Construction Machinery, or any other parts of Cavan, we’ve got you covered. Call us now on 1300 565 316 to discuss your access equipment needs.

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