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Hire Forklifts in Adelaide

No job is too tough for our machines. EzyUpHire is the place to call when you need a reliable forklift rental for your worksite. We stock a wide variety of equipment, kinds of lifts (can be horizontal and vertical lifts), and reach trucks that are perfect for all of your needs and will boost productivity across the board. 

Whether moving heavy supplies,  material lifts or materials handling in a warehouse, storing materials in hard to reach places or anything else, know that we have all your needs covered. There’s nothing that you can’t get done with a premium forklift  rented or a scissor lift from EzyUpHire. 

Look to us with complete confidence and trust that we can match your requirements with ease. We go above and beyond to ensure that each customer that we work with is more than satisfied by our service. Call us today if you are based in Adelaide and need to rent a forklift for your project or a rough terrain forklifts.

Rent the best forklifts with EzyUpHire : Your Rental Solutions

Look to us for the best brands across a range of different machines esp. If you hire forklift. You will love the forklifts that we have to offer and the capabilities on hand. Our Manitou forklifts are top of the line and always perform to a high standard, regardless of what your job entails. It’s easy to see why we are the most sought after hire company in the state when we work with the finest manufacturers the world over. Know that when you call EzyUpHire you have access to Genie, JLG, Merlo, Snorkel, MEC, Manitou, Skyjack and more. We have the right solution to every need and will never let you down. That’s our promise to you. 

Affordable prices and great hire terms if you Hire Forklifts

Among those forklift hire companies, we go above and beyond, so you don’t have to worry. EzyUpHire supplies customers with quality forklift rental in a fast and reliable manner. You will love our affordable prices and the quality machines that we provide. Rest assured that there are no hidden fees or charges that accompany our products. We value transparency and trust that you will appreciate how we operate. It’s all about being a reliable, friendly and totally worthwhile provider of durable and effective machinery. Look to us for boom lift hire in Adelaide and scissor lift rental too. Get in touch with us and you won’t regret it.



Forklift Types that EzyUpHire offers

Forklifts are extremely beneficial to construction sites. Forklifts can lift objects that humans cannot without any risk of injury, so they’re an integral part of every job site.

With so many styles and models, it can be difficult to choose a forklift. If you’re looking for rental or purchase options, EzyUpHire covers the different types of equipment available for long or short term rental as well as popular brands that will suit your needs best.

  • counterbalance forklifts
  • forklift servicing
  • container mast
  • lifts truck
  • pallet movers
  • tracked boom lifts
  • container mast forklift
  • reach forklifts
  • electric forklift
  • telescopic boom lifts
  • tonne forklifts


Contact us for Manitou forklift hire  and rental Company

Pick up the phone and give us a call to find the best solution to your worksite needs and find different rental options with an extensive range of lifts offered. Be confident and know that everything will be taken care of with absolute ease and convenience. 


Do you need a Licence for a pallet truck or truck hiring?

You can operate a pallet, hand pallet or reach truck on rough terrain without holding an official driver’s license, but you will need certifications to drive electric models depending on where you are based. 

Forklift hire rate or usual costs?

Hire company with a  medium capacity reliable forklift or a pallet truck will cost between $350 and 700 a week for forklift hire. They are designed to hold 6,000-10,000 pounds of weight. Forklifts that have large capacities may be rented out by the day at an average price range from 200 up to 700 dollars depending on how much they can carry (30k+ lbs).

Lets say you want to rent a smaller sized terrain forklifts, reach stacker or a container handler one which is cheaper but still carries 10 thousand pounds so it would only costs around 350 bucks for 5 days while if its 30 thousand or more then thats another story since your looking at about 7 hundred bucks daily

What kind of fuel do forklifts run on?

Petrol Forklifts: There are three main types of fuel for running a forklift as opposed to lpg forklift: Diesel, Electric and Gas. It is important to remember that there are actually some major differences between the different fuels in terms of initial investment; running costs; and environmental impact.

Which safety precaution applies to Handling Forklifts?

To stay safe and avoid accidents, hiring or renting forklift operators should wear the necessary safety equipment including a high-visibility jacket that covers all loose clothing.

What is a stock pickers forklift?

The Order Picking Forklift has a platform from which the driver can control it using many levers. This machine is usually operated by batteries but there are other options like petrol, diesel, gas or electric engines depending on your preferences and needs.

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