Diesel Scissor Lifts

Outdoor Scissor Lifts (Diesel, All Terrain)

Diesel Scissor Lifts are generally used outdoors. They are large, robust and can tackle even the roughest of terrain. They have individual self-levelling ‘riggers feet’ to ensure a stable & safe working platform.

There is a wide range of sizes available and typically can get much higher than an Electric Scissor Lift whilst having a higher weight capacity. Perfect for the likes of Solar Panel, Roof Sheets and other high-level works.


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All Terrain Diesel Scissor Lift Features:


Diesel Scissor Lifts Outdoor Functionality

All models have 4-Wheel-Drive capabilities with front oscillating axles. Traction control and four-wheel braking to ensure safe operation for every activity.

Diesel Scissor Lifts Folding Guardrails + Extendable Platform/Deck

Neatly folding guardrails make it easy to maneuver through openings and throughout other height-restricted areas. When extra reach is required, most models have a 1.5m slide out deck to assist in getting to hard to reach areas.

Diesel Scissor Lifts Dual Flashing Beacons

Orange flashing lights warn workers when lift is moving or in operation.

Diesel Scissor Lifts Non-marking Tyres

Non-marking foam filled rough terrain tyres to allow the machine to be operated on slabs and driveways without leaving tracks from the rubber rubbing onto the surface.

Diesel Scissor Lifts

About Diesel Scissor Lifts

Diesel scissor lifts are more heavy duty than their electric counterparts with higher lifting capacity and maximum height limits for the same footprint which matters in constricted work sites. However, they are also generally larger to allow for four wheel drive and larger platforms for more rugged and heavy duty access equipment applications. Typically they are used outside and in rough terrain whereas electric scissor access lifts are better suited for indoor use.

In general, scissor lifts are a type of MEWP (mobile elevated work platform) aka AWP (aerial work platform). The raising mechanism consists of a series of support struts linked in a pantograph arrangement. Imagine a number of pairs of scissors with blade tip linked to handle and you’ll have an idea of how it works – and that of course is how it gets its name.


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Our Diesel Scissor Lift Brands

We only work with the best brands in the business and for rugged outdoor diesel scissor lifts, that means Genie and Snorkel Lifts. Genie has operations in 80 countries and recently turned the ripe old age of 50 so you can be sure they know their stuff. Snorkel Lifts has been in the game since 1959, originally developing an aerial work platform (AWP) for fire fighters to use high powered hoses at height. With the acquisition of Economy Engineering, they started producing scissor lifts in 1988. Snorkel are celebrating their 60th birthday in 2019.

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Read our blog on what Diesel Lift is best for your application

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