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EzyupHire is the leading provider of access equipment hire in Adelaide Hills. If you’re looking to increase safety and productivity at your construction sites, we can help. We’ve designed our services to save you time and money by providing you with a straightforward booking process, reliable lifting equipment, and a wide range of custom solutions to streamline your operations.

If you’d like to rent equipment, visit our booking page or contact us directly at 1300 565 316. If you’d like to learn more about our services in Adelaide Hills and the equipment that we have for hire, keep reading.

Access Equipment Categories

EzyupHire has all the access equipment available that you may need to transport materials and access elevated work areas. Our product categories include:

Electric and Diesel Scissor Lifts

Our electric scissor lifts are highly manoeuvrable in tight spaces with their zero inside turning radius and folding guardrails. Since they have no-marking tyres, low noise levels, and zero emissions, they are suitable for indoor use. However, they also offer outdoor functionality for construction sites.

The diesel scissor lifts we have available can extend to heights of up to 16m, and they provide a completely stable working platform, even on rugged terrain.


Telehandlers are ideal for moving heavy loads around a construction site. Our Telehandler Manitou 1840 has a 4-ton lift capacity and is fitted with 1200mm standard tines for added versatility. The machine also features stabilizer feet and a cab that can tilt to accommodate uneven terrain.

Lighting Towers

If you carry out 24-hour operations, you need sufficient lighting to ensure optimal productivity and safety. Our hydraulic lighting towers are lightweight and easy to transport. Despite delivering up to 6,000 watts of light, they consume only 2.6 litres of fuel per hour, and their engines emit low sound levels.


We have several forklifts available, each with different weight capacities and sizes, depending on your application. Our Ausa all-terrain forklift has a weight capacity of up to 3.5 tons. We also have a smaller forklift model with a maximum weight capacity of 2.5 tons for light loads and indoor use.

Knuckle Booms

A knuckle boom lift offers wider ranges of motion than scissor lifts or vertical mast lifts, making them suitable for use in construction settings with restricted space. Our knuckle booms feature maximum platform weights that range between 10 and 38 meters.


If you are carrying out earth moving projects, one of our loaders can save you valuable time. We have several models of loaders available, each with their own weight capacities and operation modes. 

Vertical Mast Lifts

If you have to lift inventory or materials to elevated platforms or shelves, you need a vertical mast lift with its total weight capacity of up to 159kg and working height of 8 meters. Vertical mast lifts are suitable for use in retail and construction settings, as they feature sliding mid-rails and auxiliary platform-lowering mechanisms.

Adelaide Hills

EzyupHire provides access equipment not only to construction sites, but also to wine producers and other agricultural businesses in Adelaide Hills. Our access equipment is particularly helpful to cherry pickers and workers who need to lift and transport products from vineyards and orchards to warehouses and other locations.

Contact Us

At EzyupHire, we service our equipment regularly and inspect and replace all wearable components before they become defective. Our equipment is not only reliable but also completely safe. Renting EzyupHire’s access equipment is easy and affordable. Visit our equipment pages to learn more about the models we have available and to book them for your site. You can also contact us directly at 1300 565 316 to learn more about our rental services.

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