Telehandler Use Cases & Applications

There are many types of lifting equipment available for worksites. There are not many that match the telescopic handler, however, in terms of versatility and ruggedness. In this article, we will discuss the uses and applications of the telehandler.

What is a Telehandler?

A telescopic handler is a machine that can lift and move heavy loads over any terrain. They are particularly suitable for use on construction sites that are inaccessible or too unstable for forklifts. Most telehandlers are fitted with booms that are compatible with several attachments, including fork tines.

General Applications

The most notable feature of telescopic handlers is that they are compatible with several fittings, which gives them combined capabilities and adds to their versatility. These fittings and attachments include booms and lifting equipment.

As a result, the average telehandler can fulfil the essential functions of forklift, crane, and elevated platform—provided the platform is attached to the boom.

On- and Off-Road Capabilities

A telescopic handler has both on- and off-road capabilities, which contributes significantly to its mobility. Four-wheel drive and stabilizing feet make this impressive piece of equipment especially suitable for carrying loads or providing elevated platforms on rugged terrains. A telehandler’s manoeuvrability and stability over hilly or rough terrains render it ideal for the agricultural, mining, and construction industries.

Telehandler Attachments

In addition to forklift attachments, most models are compatible with other accessories as well, including crane jibs, construction buckets, access baskets, and winches. The attachment you fit has a significant impact on the telescopic handler’s application range and versatility.

A forklift is the most common attachment since it allows the machine to lift a wide range of loads, including pallets, pipes, concrete blocks, timber, and packaged goods. A crane jib attachment also adds to the telehandler’s capabilities, as you can add attachments like a bucket for loading water, sand, and other materials.

Boom Lift

A boom or telescopic cylinder can enhance the utility of a telehandler significantly. A boom can extend it forward and upward, giving the machine the same capabilities as an elevated platform, crane, or forklift.


A telescopic handler has the same functionality as a forklift, but there are a few significant differences. For one, a telescopic handler is not suitable for indoor use as a forklift, as they emit toxic pollutants.

A telehandler is ideal for lifting and transporting materials over rough terrain, however, in outdoor construction, mining, or agricultural settings.

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