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If your business deals with height, you need something that can get you up and down safely – like a boom lift. Chances are that you may have seen it on a few occasions without exactly knowing what it is called. You may also have come across the name before without knowing what it is or how it is used, or if you need one. The kind of job you do may require something as efficient as a boom lift to increase productivity and make your work better. Having adequate knowledge of what a boom lift is and how it can help you know if you need one or not.

A boom lift is a type of lift equipment. It is used to lift workers and tools to heights that are hard to reach. It has a compartment, or a basket, where the worker would stay while being lifted. It is mostly used in construction sites to get workers and tools to places far above ground or spots that are hard to reach with a ladder or a scaffold. It is also used by those in the maintenance industry, such as people who work on telephone lines. Boom lifts can also be used on the farm, especially during harvest time, to reach fruits that are ordinarily hard to locate.

Structurally, a boom lift resembles a crane, except that it has a bucket or basket at the end of the arm. The basket is a platform with boundaries on all four sides, wide and strong enough to accommodate one to two persons. It is also on the platform that the lift is operated. The arm of the boom lift can extend to varying heights, depending on how high it is expected to get. At the bottom of the lift is a car that moves the lift around.

There are two main types of boom lifts; telescopic boom lifts and articulating boom lifts. While they may seem similar, they operate in slightly different ways. Knowing how these two types of boom lifts function can help you decide on the type to get for your job.

Boom Lift Rental Adelaide – Ezy Up Hire


Telescopic boom lifts

Telescopic boom lifts have an arm or boom that shoots straight. It can reach a height of 150 feet, although some can extend up to 180 feet. This makes it best for reaching far heights. Because the arm only extends in one direction, adequate space is needed when using the telescopic boom as the arm has to extend to the exact spot or place where work is needed.



Articulating boom lifts

Articulating boom lifts have joints (also known as knuckles) on one or several parts of the boom. This makes it versatile, allowing it to reach heights that are difficult to get to. If there is an obstacle on the path, the platform on an articulating boom lift can be moved over or around it. The flexible nature of the articulating boom makes up for what it lacks in height, as it peaks at 150 feet, with most stopping at 125 feet.

If you have a job that requires height, and you have enough space to manoeuver, then the telescopic boom lift would work best.

If the job needs to get done in a place where you would encounter obstacles, then an articulating boom lift would serve you better.


Boom Lift Rental Adelaide – Ezy Up Hire

Factors To Consider Before Getting A Boom Lift

Before you get a boom lift, you need to first consider some factors to help you make the right choice.

  1.     Height

Knowing how high you need to go would help you choose the kind of boom lift to go for.  If the job is not so high, then you can choose an articulating boom lift. But if you need to go as high as possible, then a telescopic boom lift would get the job done better.

  1.     Horizontal Reach

This is how long you want the boom to extend. While a telescopic boom lift can reach a great length, the articulating boom lift cannot. But remember that the articulating boom lift is flexible enough to go over and around obstacles, which is worth considering.

  1.     Indoor or Outdoor

Whether the boom lift would be used indoors or outdoor is also worth considering. Boom lifts powered by diesel are best for outdoor because of the fumes they emit while electric-powered boom lifts are great for use indoors.

Also, you may not have a lot of space to play with indoors, making articulating boom lift the better option for use here.

  1.     Workspace

The amount of workspace you are getting is also very important. You might be working outdoor with not enough space to use. This is where using an articulating boom lift would be a plus. But if you have enough space at your disposal, getting a telescopic boom lift might favour you better.


Renting vs Buying

Most people looking to get boom kits are often faced with the problem of whether to rent or buy. Both options have their benefits and it can be tough to know which to settle for. If you ever find yourself in such position, here are some things you should think about.

  1.     Budget

Boom lifts do not come cheap. If you do not have the money for one, renting is the best thing you can do. Even if you do have the money, you get to save more if you rent compared to buying one.

  1.     Duration

How long would you need the boom lift for? Is it for a one-time project or it is something you would be needing more often? Renting a boom lift would be the better option if you would not be using it for a long time.

  1.     Maintenance

Renting a boom lift would also take the cost of maintenance off your chest. If you buy a boom lift, you would have to see to it that it is well-maintained at all times. This is not also expensive but tasking. When you choose boom lifts for hire, you would get it in the best possible condition, meaning you do not have to worry about anything.

  1.     Storage

Storing boom lifts is not easy. It requires a lot of space and if this is not something you have, it would pay you more to rent instead of buying one.

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