Knuckle Booms for Adelaide Solar Installers

Are you a solar installer in Adelaide that needs versatile and reliable lift equipment for installing solar panels at height? We deliver boom lift hiring services to a variety of contractors, and that includes solar installers in and around Adelaide.

Our services are affordable, and we deliver to your specified worksite at your convenience. So, if you are installing solar panels around North Adelaide, Brompton, Keswick, or any other area around Adelaide, call Ezyuphire now on 1300 565 316 for bookings or enquiries.

Why Hire Knuckle Booms for Solar Panel Installation in Adelaide?

Knuckle boom lifts take you to heights safely and provide a great deal of maneuverability. Their ability to swivel and reach over structures make them ideal for a variety of installation and repair projects above the ground. It’s why more solar installers in Adelaide are opting to call us.

But owning a knuckle boom is expensive, so we offer you the option of hiring one of our articulated boom lifts for your projects. This increases your cost-efficiency and productivity by providing you access to the perfect equipment for your aerial project, when and where you need it.

Our boom lifts also come highly recommended for their safety, versatility, and stable working conditions they offer to contractors working at heights. If you are installing solar panels on a high-rise building in South or East Adelaide or any surrounding areas, contact us for boom lifts that’ll make your project a hitch-free success.

Boom Lifts for Solar Installers in Adelaide

When you contact us for aerial work platforms in Adelaide, we deliver on time and at highly competitive prices. With our knuckle booms, typical obstacles—slippery roofs, inaccessible or awkward angles, loose tiles, short ladders, and delicate skylights—become non-issues.

Based on your hire needs, we can provide you with a JLG or Genie knuckle boom that safely places your crew, tools, and materials at the needed height. This lift can go as high as 38 meters and supports weights of 230 kilograms or more.

Hire Knuckle Booms in Adelaide for Solar Panel Installation

Avoid the dangers of using a ladder for solar panel installation. If you aren’t sure about which of our boom lifts will best suit your solar installation project, our free consultation service will provide all the information you need to make the best choice.

Even though our access equipment is top of the line, our hire services are budget-friendly. Have a knuckle boom delivered to your project site in North Adelaide, Inner Adelaide, or any other part of Adelaide by calling us now on 1300 565 316.

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