Scissor lift 2770RT Diesel All terrain (8.0m platform height)

The 2770RT All Terrain Diesel Scissor Lift has a platform height of eight metres with a working height of 10 metres. This scissor lift is easy to operate and performs excellently on rough terrain. With fantastic 4×4 capabilities and optional outriggers for uneven surfaces, this scissor lift has been built to get the job done, no matter how hard. The roll-out deck extension provides extra reach when necessary making this a suitable compact diesel rough terrain scissor lift. Ideal for outdoor work in confined spaces, you will find that this scissor lift will not let you down (not literally). For a full specification of the 2770RT All Terrain Scissor Lift check out the PDF below for all of its features as well as optional extras that you may need to help you get your job done. Take a look at our full range of scissor lifts that you can hire from us – if you have any questions or want to know more about this piece of equipment let us know.

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