Knuckle Boom Use Cases & Applications

When it comes to aerial work platforms, you need equipment that is suited to your needs. There are many different equipment types in this category, including cherry pickers, scissor lifts, and telescopic boom lifts. If you want versatility, however, a knuckle boom lift comes highly recommended.

In this article, we will discuss the knuckle boom’s distinguishing features, as well as its uses and applications.

What is a Knuckle Boom Lift?

A knuckle boom lift is sometimes referred to as an articulated boom lift. These lifts typically feature aerial work platforms off an extended bendable boom with a joint or “knuckle.” At its base, the knuckle boom lift is usually fitted with a swivelling turntable that makes accurate manoeuvring possible.

Elevated Access

An articulated boom has a working platform at its tip. The booms of some models can extend as high as thirty-eight meters, with the platforms sporting weight capacities of up to 230 kilograms (or higher). This type of equipment makes it possible to reach elevated workspaces that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Jointed Boom Arm

One of the most significant differences between an articulated boom and other elevated work platforms, like cherry pickers and scissor lifts, is the joint boom arm. Because of this bend in the boom, you have direct vertical elevated access, but you can also reach over structures.


Knuckle boom lifts have several uses and applications, including:

  • Work areas with rugged terrain, where many models are stable and manoeuvrable, even on rough outdoor surfaces.
  • Confined working spaces, that need booms to reach over large objects. In addition, their compact bases can fit easily into restricted areas, for example, between shelves.
  • Indoor workspaces, for example, storerooms, factories, and retail areas. Many models are electric and don’t emit harmful pollutants. They usually also have non-marking tyres that don’t damage the flooring.
  • Applications that require additional elevation utilise some booms that are fitted with an extension called a jib, which can accommodate an articulate point to lift the platform higher.
  • Other settings that require access over objects below, for example, doing maintenance work on telephone poles that are standing next to a tree.

This type of boom is suitable for accessing semi-hidden ductwork, exterior electrical work, and piping if maintenance or repairs are necessary. A knuckle boom lift doesn’t only solve the problem of elevated inaccessibility but also alleviates access restrictions over large solitary objects.

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